DisruptHR São Paulo 2.0 Edition was a BIG DEAL!

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setembro 5, 2018
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abril 11, 2019

DisruptHR São Paulo 2.0 had the presence of more than

230 'HR disruptors" ready to challenge the status quo

Edition 2.0 of DisruptHR São Paulo Shakes up the Brazilian HR Community Once Again!

The 10 speakers selected for the second edition of DisruptHR São Paulo – part of an international series of events present in more than 28 countries – were tasked with provoking the audience in just five minutes.

The meeting, held on October 16 at the Unibes Cultural Theater in São Paulo, innovated once again by presenting disruptive angles on typical human resources subjects. Topics such as corporate yoga, employer brands, health, productivity and agile methods were presented in a challenging and fun way.

The courageous speakers, who came from different Brazilian states, were selected from more than 40 applicants. They spoke to an audience of 230 managers and leaders, helping them to think outside of the box, thereby entering history thanks to their disruptive ideas.

More than 96% of the participants rated the event as excellent, very good or good. The event’s subjects, venue and organization were the aspects most highly praised by attendees. It continues to be a well-liked event in the HR community, given that 95% of people said they intend to return to future editions. However, the main comment heard after the two blocks of talks was how much the content had helped them to generate new ideas.

There was no monotony at the event. Every five minutes there was a new topic, a new face and a new story.

Here are the 10 courageous speakers at edition 2.0:

1) Beatriz Cara Nóbrega, director of people and management, Inmetrics. Subject: Shaking things up to create the DisruptHR we want.

2) Bruno Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO, Go Good. Subject: Our smartphones know more about our health than our doctors do!

3) Hassan Callegari, commercial manager, Love Mondays. Subject: How to improve work productivity by boosting happiness.

4) Neivia Justa, founder, #wherearethewomen movement. Subject: Similarities and excluding factors.

5) Rachel Malva, founder, Hollistica. Subject: What the scrum master said to the HR manager.

6) Renata Tavares, HR manager, EDP. Subject: Artificial intelligence is all the rage, but what about natural intelligence?

7) Suzie Clavery, employer branding manager, UnitedHealth Group. Subject: Enjoying crazy employer branding!

8) Armelle Champetier, managing director, Yogist. Subject: Yoga as a source of disruption.

9) Marcelo Souza, country manager, Thomas International Brasil. Subject: What are you evaluating?

10) Mariângela Praxedes, young apprentice, Rede Cidadã. Subject: Journeys in pursuit of opportunities.

About the event

DisruptHR is an international event held in more than 28 countries, which presents an innovative range of five-minute talks. In a disruptive, happy and relaxed environment, it provides specific networking moments and encourages participants with novel ideas.

The speakers are also challenged to go beyond the ordinary and present new ideas, models and trends in a dynamic and innovative way. They are allowed 20 slides, which automatically change every 15 seconds.

DisruptHR does not have any traditional long speeches, and instead provides a disruptive, warm and relaxed environment, including specific moments for networking.

This model, in the style of TED Talks, and the event’s format follow the trends of community thinking, inclusive activities and shared knowledge. Accordingly, after the in-person event, the organizers, speakers and attendees form a community that continues to share information.

The debut DisruptHR in São Paulo – the first edition in South America – took place in April of this year, and it was rated a success by participants. The organizers of Disrupt events in the United States were also very happy and satisfied with the results of the São Paulo edition. For example, Disrupt New York attracted 75 participants in its debut edition, while the São Paulo event attracted 200.

Key numbers from the two Brazilian editions:

- 430 participants – HR professionals, business people and team leaders.

- 18 sponsors – companies that believe and invest in innovation.

- 21 five-minute presentations – ideas, concepts and questions to stimulate debate.

- 747 mentions of the #disrupthrsp, #disrupthrsampa and #comunidadedisrupt hashtags.

- 95% of participants said they want to attend future editions.

- 70% of participants received recommendations from friends to join the community.

Organized by Fabiana Nardi (Green Hat Web Solutions), Ricardo Fonseca (Guide HR) and Vanessa Leme (Casa da Notícia), the events held in April and October of 2018 launched the Brazilian disruptive community, which continues to share innovations through DisruptHR São Paulo’s official media channels: a blog, social networks and the “RH pra você” website.